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~  Garden Cat on Blue Chair  ~ sold 12/05



Very quiet, living on a dead end road in winter, at 5,000 feet.  Being 4+ miles from pavement, I often am snowed in & love it!  Then I have time to paint and write.  I hope my critter paintings put a smile on your face and warm your heart.

I have divided the page into 3 sections:

TOP PORTION of this page shows paintings that are FOR SALE or have sold recently  

MIDDLE SECTION contains samples of what I have done in the past.  Though NFS (not for sale), if you like something, I am more than willing to paint another originial with an almost identical or similar theme for you.   I have also done my impression of  critters from foto.  It is hard for me to describe my kind of art: it is not cartooney, yet far from realistic. 

BOTTOM SECTION is where I have put my LATEST PAINTINGS that are available.     Hope you enjoy!


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                       2006 ~ Mabel’s Critter Art


 ~ Tired Cowboy and Horse ~ sold 6/06


                            Nancy's Teapot

                 ~ Christmas present for my Peruvian family ~ 2006

                   ~  Fertility  ~

    framed w/ dark green matt / light wood ... 24x30


                   ~ Pumkin' Bunnies ~

         I have made this 3'x 12" w/more bunnies

~ Perico Verde ~  (green parrot) sold  2/06


~ Feet that Dance upon Injustice ~

        NEW!         Deer          11/06

  Christmas present  ~ 2006 ~ MO kuz


                      ~  Bunny Quilt  ~

                          1940's childrens book

                     ~ Mustang Mountains  ~ 

             Christmas present for sis in MO ~ 2006


~  Strange Daisies  ~

   ~  Porter watching me take a bath ~

             sold to missionary friends ~ Oaxaca, Mexico ~ 12/06  


            ~  Door Mouse  ~

           1940's children's book

* NEW *     ~   Psalm 23  ~          


Carol's "Blue Eyes" ~ my sister's cat ~ sold 3/06

  March 06      Bubba Tom & Cooney



The paintings below are NOT FOR SALE.  If you like something, I am more than willing to paint another similar original for you, including my impression of your own critters from foto. 


    March 06           Cooney Ham         


                      ~  Gray Pony ~   "NFS"

      another oldie . . . glued to wood ~ can paint again


        ~ Tabbie Pillows ~    NFS

(5x7 copies available)  * painted another

one 3/06 ... see thumbnail on new

addtions page *

      Camino a Guelatao ~ Oaxaca, Mexico    NFS     Cordoba Sunflowers ~ Spain    NFS

              ~  Iris Cat  ~    NFS

        ~  Mouse Quilt  ~    1940's     NFS

            Garden Cat on Black Chair   ~  NFS

I have done something similar with two cats in the chair from a lady's photo of her cats  .... this painting has approximately 100 hours of work in it ...



               ~ Yellow Cat ~    NFS

 over 25 years old; painted for my kids & glued to wood

                      ~  Porter  ~    NFS


NEW paintings available: 


      ~  The Shire  ~    this is on paper ... $45 ...


NEW!                         Snailbug

I ran out of things to paint on and was on a roll!  This one is on paper rather than posterboard ... only $45 plus $5 shipping!

                     ~ Mama Ofelia ~