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Southwest Siamese Cat ~ NFS ~ Critter Art for the Young at Heart 

I have been drawing stick pigs and cows since I was a wee tyke on the farm in Missouri.

I hope that I have improved some with age !

     E N J O Y !




I am painting this Southwest Siamese cat again for my missionary friends in Oaxaca, Mexico too! 1/07

PUT a SMILE on your face and check out my Critter page to see the rest of my artwork.

I just cannot part with some of my original paintings.  The "NFS" (not for sale) ones are shown in the middle of the page.  

If you see anything you really like, I can paint another original with a similar theme, even with your own critters in the painting from your photograph.

                 Good copies are available of some things

Hammock Mouse


This mouse is from a 1940's children's ABC book

yea! I am painting this again for my missionary friends in Oaxaca, Mexico!






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