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I live on 40 acres at an elevation of 5,000 feet: mountain lion, deer and antelope country.  I saw my first lion in broad daylight 2/15/06. Antelope breeding grounds are about 5 miles from me.

Winter is quiet on a dead end road in the boondocks.  Sometimes I am snowed in and love it!  Winter is when I have time to write and paint.

In summer, I ride horses 4 to 5 days a week, since they are youngins' and need it.  Got two more to get started this Spring. 

Besides riding horses, I haul hay, wood chips, cut National Forest firewood and fence posts , build sheds, corrals, fences; you name it! 

My personal critters are:

4 horses~ Mober, Pepper, Blackie & Cowboy

2 cats ~ Bubba Tom & Cooney

1 Great Pyrenees dog ~ Miss Muffet, da Muff, Muffer

12/06 got a new GP pup : daRoofus

assorted chickens, 2 peacocks & goldfish awaiting the finished contruction of their 3,000 gallon pond.  Whew! Done wore myself plum out!

Muff in da road ~ good mountain lion dogs

Some Favorite Things

HE WHO was, WHO is, and WHO is to come

*  my horses

*  painting

*  writing

*  flowers, especially irises, hollyhocks & peonies

I love building things like fences, side-gaggled sheds, "pea" shacks, corrals ....  Baling twine is a necessity of life which helps me 'Ma Kettle' my things together .... 

Spend some of my time digging in dirt, hauling horse poop, planting and sewing.  Check out my critter art ... it is sure to put a smile on your face!   

A snippet of my writing can be seen at Mabel's Place (link below) clicking on menu button: Writin's I.  "Red Salsa" is the sick wife of a tarantula named the BIG Tortilla, who, with his loyal subjects, the Chips, live at Mangoes End in Timbuktoo.  (the snippet has turned into a 242 page book for my grandson!)

To see more of where I live & my critters, go to my HANDY LINKS page and click on the picture of my paint horse.  (That button took a lot of figgerin' for me to make!)   On my HANDY LINKS page there is a pic of me and another button to go to my Christian site.  Or you can just click below to see where I live:


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